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UPDATED: $85 Million Increase To Middle Harbor Budget Approved

By Samantha Mehlinger - Staff Writer

December 2, 2013 – The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners approved an $85 million increase to the Port of Long Beach’s Middle Harbor Redevelopment project budget this afternoon (December 2). The increase brings the overall project budget to $1.314 billion, according to a staff report.

These overruns are on top of existing $29.5 million overruns to the June-approved budget of $1.2 billion. As previously reported by the Business Journal, unforeseen difficulties associated with complex oilfield relocation work are to blame for much of the additional costs. The total cost for this work is $197.8 million.

The new program budget of $1.314 billion was projected in September in a presentation to the board of harbor commissioners by Sean Gamette, acting chief harbor engineer and acting assistant managing director of engineering.

When the Middle Harbor project was originally proposed about four years ago, the cost was estimated at $750 million.