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Long Beach Firefighter Graduation

December 17, 2013 – Graduation ceremonies for Long Beach Fire Department Recruit Class 2013A were held December 7 at the fire training facility in East Long Beach. Fire Chief Michael DuRee and Battalion Chief Jim Rexwinkel, who serves as director of training for the department, presented badges and diplomas to each of the 28 graduates pictured. The recruits also presented a series of demonstrations in front of family members and friends, including ladders; vehicle estrication; strip mall fire; roof ventilation/forcible entry; rappelling/rescue (yes, Santa Claus was rescued); and tower fire. Members of Recruit Class 2013A are, in alphabetical order: Jeffrey Arnold, Kelly Boylan, Richard Caldwell, James Dolas, Andrew Dorame, Kristopher Fraser, Fernando Gallegos IV, Ryan Genzel, Justin Grimes, Billy Hubbard, John Jenkins, Christopher Johnson, Nevin Kay, Kevin Keleher, Joshua Lin, Matthew Mitchell, Michael Morrison, David Pittaway, Ryan Pok, Bradley Robideaux, Bradley Smith, Dillon Stamm, Richard Storey, Ryan Tulay, Eric Volivitch, Daniel Washburn, Brian White and Daniel Young. (Photograph by the Business Journal’s Thomas McConville)

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