Whizzing back and forth between Alamitos Bay and the downtown waterfront, Long Beach Transit water taxis have become an increasingly popular transport option for residents and visitors alike. During large events, like the annual Grand Prix of Long Beach, a ride on the company’s AquaLink service from Alamitos Bay saves visitors time and effort otherwise spent on a search for parking in downtown. The smaller AquaBus vessels ferry passengers around the harbor’s popular destinations, including the Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Hotel Maya. Starting March 8, Long Beach Transit expanded its water taxi schedule to offer weekend service year-round. Previously, water taxis ran on a weekend-only basis starting in mid-April, with an extension to seven-day service after Memorial Day. The service previously ended in October. “Last Summer, we had a really great summer with AquaLink,” Michael Gold, the company’s public information officer, told the Business Journal. “We’ve had ever-growing tourism coming here; that’s another opportunity to utilize the service.” But tourists aren’t the only passengers keeping the water taxi service afloat, Gold said. “It’s a great way to get across the city and get great views of the city,” he pointed out. The 75-passenger AquaLink takes passengers from Alamitos Bay to the Aquarium and the Queen Mary in 45-minutes, at the price of $5 per ticket. The AquaBus, which carries 25-30 passengers, stops at the Aquarium, the Queen Mary, the Hotel Maya, Shoreline Village and Pine Avenue Circle, at $1 per ticket.