Portside Dan Coffey

Dan Coffey worked alongside Port of Long Beach staff for eight years before joining the organization. Now a port leasing officer, Coffey’s first introduction to the port was while working as a real estate right-of-way consultant in the early stages of Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project. After joining port ranks, Coffey assumed multiple roles in addition to his day-to-day leasing duties: project manager specializing in large project planning and implementation and liaison to consulting firms hired by the port for development projects. “I have the ability to kind of bridge the gap between the port’s interests and the consulting world, which helps streamline projects and create efficiencies when possible,” Coffey said. Managing around 500 lease agreements keeps the port’s leasing staff busy year round, Coffey noted. Leases at the port range anywhere from 5-50 years depending on the type of agreement, and long-term leases must be reviewed and updated every five years. Coffey describes himself as an “anomaly” because he has a project management professional certification, which is usually held by engineers, as well as his real estate license. “I really enjoy working with . . . all the divisions at the port. That’s the most interesting thing to me by far: the collaboration,” he said. “It’s challenging. It’s exciting. It’s rewarding. I get to see the projects develop, grow and ultimately get built. It’s a fantastic place to work. I’m constantly impressed by the caliber of people we have here.” (Photograph by Brandon Richardson)

Brandon Richardson is a reporter and photojournalist for the Long Beach Post and Long Beach Business Journal.