Human-I-T expanded amid the pandemic to bring computers and internet access to families across...

Because of the heightened urgency to connect families to the internet, while most businesses and nonprofits struggled through the pandemic—many not making it through—Human-I-T thrived. Over the past year, the nonprofit expanded, opening a facility in Detroit, its first outside of California.

After a devastating year, L’Opera is rising from the ruins

Later, looking at security camera video, Antonelli counted 63 people making havoc with his restaurant for three and a half hours. “They were taking armloads of liquor and food out to vans in the garage and they’d fill them up and the vans would drive away. It was all very orchestrated.”

It’s the last video rental store in Long Beach—and it’s still open!

Broadway Video has been a cinephile haven since 1998.

Emotionally and economically exhausted: Hospitals one year into COVID-19

The last 13 months have been a rollercoaster of shifting guidelines, lockdowns and tragedy. From individuals to businesses to the economy at large, nothing was immune to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors and nurses have spent the last year triaging patients in parking lots, providing care in temporary tents and working long hours to treat massive amounts of patients in overcrowded hospitals.

Councilman who voted in favor of Downtown hotel project files appeal with Coastal Commission,...

Councilman Roberto Uranga, who also serves on the Coastal Commission, signed onto an appeal late last month challenging some of the aspects of the proposed hotel, including how it affects pedestrian access to the coast, the cost to stay at the hotel and how the hotel’s valet parking would impact access to a public park.

New 130-bed restorative care campus to open in Downey this fall

The new facility will include 50 beds for homeless patients and support to connect them with long-term housing, officials said. 

Downtown veteran-owned coffee and tea shop to close for good this weekend

While the coffee and tea shop is closing, the two owners are moving on to focus on a nonprofit they’ve founded to help military veterans and K9s transition from service-life to life as civilians.

Relaxed COVID-19 restrictions offer little relief for local music venues

“I would have never thought I’d be operating like this, but it is what it is."

Queen Mary operator to auction lease for ship after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Long Beach owns the Queen Mary but has leased the ship to various operators, some of whom have met similar financial struggles.

After death of Clint Gilmore, Long Beach’s last independent music store might shutter forever

"If it’s not sustainable, I’m going to have to liquidate."

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