Commission approves Downtown zone change that could allow more cannabis dispensaries

The Planning Commission on Thursday voted to approve plans for a new cannabis dispensary on Pine Avenue sending it to the City Council for final approval.

Court ruling on local elections leaves City Council with a decision to make

A November ruling in a case filed by the city of Redondo Beach sought to bring back the autonomy that charter cities have regarding their election dates, even if they had sagging election day turnout.

The 6 Best Apps For A Mental Workout

Mental fitness is integral to whole body health and wellness. Use these 6 brain game apps to strengthen your focus, coordination, recall, and more - all while adding some fun to your daily routine!

Creating new park space in Long Beach ‘not impossible, but challenging’

Residents in East Long Beach have access to nearly 16 times the park space than those living in West Long Beach. But as the City Council tries to address this inequity, it will likely run into two big obstacles: time and money.

Bankrupt Queen Mary operator left more than $20 million in urgently needed repairs, court...

Of the repairs that were done by Urban Commons, some appear to have been "performed incorrectly or not pursuant to applicable standards, and will likely need to be fixed or re-done in the near term."

City leaders approve storage facility where advocates wanted a park

The council’s vote certifies a decision made by the Planning Commission in December that approved lot mergers, zoning changes and permits for the construction of the three-story, 152,000 square-foot self storage and recreational vehicle storage facility that will be built at 3701 Pacific Place.

Training program aims to bolster local goods movement workforce

The port partnered with Long Beach City College in 2018 to develop the Maritime Center of Excellence, a program dedicated to professional development for jobs related to the supply chain and logistics sector.

Chamber to award Entrepreneur of the Year during virtual event

Matt and Pat Cullen of Amber Resources, a full-service petroleum distribution company on the Westside, will be honored as the 2021 City Bank Entrepreneur of the Year, the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce recently announced. Pat will be honored posthumously.

New Super Track model aims to shorten wait times for emergency room patients at...

Long wait times are not a foreign concept to anyone who has visited an emergency room, whether the trip ended up being warranted or...

March is typically a slow month for cargo traffic; this year marked a record...

Terminal operators at the Port of Long Beach moved 840,387 twenty-foot equivalent units during March, making it the busiest month on record in its 110-year history, staff announced Thursday.

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