Supply chain crisis prompts city officials to suspend shipping container stacking limits

Appropriately zoned properties will be allowed to stack up to four containers, up from two as outlined by the city's municipal code.

Downtown Long Beach Alliance president under investigation for allegedly mistreating workers

A letter from a former employee accused DLBA President Kraig Kojian of "workplace bullying and a toxic work environment, largely inflicted upon women workers."

Newsom supply chain executive order lacks ‘sense of urgency,’ state business coalition says

A coalition of more than a dozen California business and industry groups issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying an executive order issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier in the day did not “provide the sense of urgency” needed to address the ongoing supply chain crisis.

New law takes aim at ‘bad actors’ in trucking—and the companies using their services

Big box retailers moving product through California will soon have to take a closer look at the company they keep—or pay the price. 

‘Unheard of’: Food Finders rescued 17 million pounds of food last year

Among other programs, Food Finders provides a bag of four to six meals per family at 15 schools across Long Beach, but in the coming year, this will double to 30 schools.

Newsom signs executive order to address supply chain disruptions

Amid ongoing and unprecedented congestion at the San Pedro Bay ports, Gov. Gavin Newsom Wednesday signed an executive order directing state agencies to continue identifying ways to alleviate bottlenecks.

Port of Long Beach purchases 29 acres of privately owned land on Pier D

The city’s port authority does not own all of the land within the Port of Long Beach. But it appears port officials are looking to change that.

State legislature to discuss solutions for supply chain challenges

State legislators will hear from port leaders, the California Retailers Association, labor advocates and at least one major railroad company.

St. Mary places unvaccinated workers on 90-day unpaid leave

Other area hospitals said some employees chose to leave rather than receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but most staff—more than 90%—are vaccinated.

‘Decade of underinvestment’: San Pedro Bay port executives call for systemic change in supply...

Poor trade policy and “more than a decade of underinvestment” in West Coast ports have left the agencies vulnerable, the LA Port director said, to the challenges caused by the uptick in cargo they’re now seeing.

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