Long Beach economic forum to tackle trade, port infrastructure and economic recovery

The free, virtual event will feature localized data on trade, logistics and economic developments, and will highlight the economic impact of the city's ongoing vaccination process and unique position as the only West Coast port city with its own health department. 

Long Beach’s aerospace sector reinvigorated by new companies, innovation with an eye on space

Aviation and aerospace roots run deep in Long Beach—about 80 years to be exact. The sector has ebbed and flowed through the decades but has remained a constant force in the city. In the past, it was military and commercial aircraft. Today, companies have their sights set higher: Earth’s orbit and beyond.

Meet the 10-year-old CEO who nailed her business plan in the middle of a...

Khiley Braxton founded Sissy B Nails with her mother, Krystle Braxton, who helped her start the company as a birthday present. Since then, the company has sold over 5,000 bottles of nail polish.

On the Job: Keeping a hotel’s engines running during the pandemic

Servicing two hotels still leaves Chief Engineer Perez with plenty of work on his hands, despite a significant slowdown in guest traffic during the pandemic.

On the Job: The lonely mornings of a hotel barista in the age of...

Working anywhere during a global pandemic feels far from normal, no less at a hotel that’s lacking the one thing hotels are all about: guests.

On the Job: A bus driver’s route through the pandemic

On the Job is a standing feature in the Long Beach Business Journal, where we spend a day with workers in different professions throughout...

Portside: Keeping up with the Port of Long Beach

For nearly half a century, Socorro Gallardo has worked in the maintenance division for the Port of Long Beach. “I’ve been a mechanic all...
Portside Rajeev Seetharam

Portside: Keeping up with the Port of Long Beach

Every project undertaken by the Port of Long Beach has a traffic element. From signage to road detours, port Senior Traffic Engineer Rajeev Seetharam...
Portside Dan Coffey

Portside: Keeping up with the Port of Long Beach

Dan Coffey worked alongside Port of Long Beach staff for eight years before joining the organization. Now a port leasing officer, Coffey’s first introduction...
Giovanni Sergi

Portside: Keeping Up With The Port Of Long Beach

Monitoring the Port of Long Beach’s 3,520 acres of land and 4,600 acres of water is no easy task, but Giovanni Sergi has spent...

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