Bringing math to medicine: Long Beach allergy institute plans to add sites, build new...

The Southern California Food Allergy Institute relies on large sets of data and applied mathematics to treat strong food allergies.

Long Beach’s cannabis industry lacks diversity—two men are determined to change that

After forming a nonprofit to represent marginalized entrepreneurs looking to enter the cannabis industry, Cruz and his business partner developed an ambitious plan to provide them with business development support.

At least 3 Long Beach barber shops remain open in defiance of public health...

“Nobody can tell me that shutting down my small business, my barber shop, is going to stop COVID,” said Gabe Torres, owner of Precise Barber Shop and Precise Barber College.

What comes after the worst year ever?

Surely 2020 turned out to be the worst one yet for many millions of people. If nothing else, it’s unified the world in a hatred for a year expressed in every language.

Downtown business district reassesses priorities after tumultuous year

The streets of Downtown are empty and businesses are struggling. Many storefronts still bear reminders of this summer's protests over police brutality. Through it all, the DLBA reflects.

Wish list program to offer direct support to restaurant workers ahead of the holidays

A new program under the leadership of the recently founded Accountability PAC wants to provide direct assistance to restaurant workers who have lost their income as a result of the current restrictions on restaurants. 

A fight to stay alive: new restaurant association gains quick clout amid pandemic

Big-name restaurateurs in Long Beach had tried for years to form a collective to advocate on behalf of local eateries. But it took a pandemic, and restrictions on dining that threaten to put many restaurants out of business, for the effort to find success. 

State cannabis tax revenue doubles amid pandemic

While many industries have struggled during the pandemic, cannabis businesses—which were deemed essential and allowed to operate throughout the pandemic and stay-at-home orders—are thriving.

Forced to close patios and parklets, restaurants revive mini-markets

Unlike the restaurant-to-store conversions that happened in March, restaurateurs are now focusing on specialty items like fresh pasta and imported treats.

Lou & Mike’s closes its doors for good, owner blames coronavirus

“I’d like to stay but I can’t do it."

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