The Trisomy 21 (T21) Research Society—the first international nonprofit scientific organization dedicated to Down syndrome research—is hosting its 4th International Scientific Conference from June 9 to 12 at the Westin Hotel Long Beach.

Held biennially, the conference will bring together over 200 professionals from around the world to Long Beach to discuss the latest developments in Down syndrome research.

These experts will come from some of the most influential positions in the field, including decision makers from the National Institutes of Health and several biotechnology companies.

The conference is mainly focused on scientific meetings and symposiums, where experts will discuss topics including how COVID-19 affects kids with Down syndrome, the interplay between inflammation, neurodegeneration, and aging in Down syndrome patients.

Meetings will also be held to connect experts to discuss research opportunities, and young researchers will also be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas.

Capping off the conference will be a Gala Dinner and a pair of awards shows Saturday night and Sunday morning, where presenters will be recognized for the importance of their work.

After the first three conferences were held successfully in Paris in 2015, Chicago in 2017, and Barcelona in 2019, a virtual spinoff of the conference was held in June 2021 as part of the regular biennial schedule due to COVID-19 restrictions. Now that restrictions have been lifted, organizers are excited to hold a proper, in-person conference.

“As we exit the pandemic, we can again celebrate the ability to connect with one another and to sketch the future of research and care for those with Down syndrome,” T21 president William Mobley wrote in a letter announcing the conference’s arrival in Long Beach.

T21 chose Long Beach because of its close proximity to the University of California, Irvine, where Dr. Elizabeth Head and Dr. Jorge Busciglio—internationally recognized experts in Alzheimer’s and Down Syndrome research—are based. Head and Busciglio were the main organizers of the program for the event.

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Christian May-Suzuki is a reporter at the Long Beach Business Journal.