Passenger volumes at Long Beach Airport continue to rise, with travel now back up to more than two-thirds of what it was pre-pandemic, according to July data released Wednesday.

Last month, 226,857 people traveled through the municipal airport, a 461.4% increase from the same month last year during the pandemic’s summer surge. However, travel remains 29% below 2019 levels when 319,296 passengers passed through the airport.

“We’re pleased to see our commercial passenger numbers steadily increase,” Director Cynthia Guidry said in an email. “We expect to see more people enjoying our easygoing and convenient travel experience as vaccination rates continue to rise.”

July saw nearly 30,000 more passengers use the local airport than June when 199,096 passed through, continuing the facility’s slow but steady recovery. Year to date, 987,152 passengers have traveled through Long Beach, up 25.9% from last year but still trailing 2019 figures by 51.5%.

Long Beach Airport’s travel is recovering faster than Los Angeles International Airport, which is still more than 39% below pre-pandemic levels. The international airport saw travel increase from just over 1.03 million passengers in June 2020 to nearly 4.89 million in June of this year, a 373.76% increase. But over 8 million passengers traveled through the airport in 2019.

LAX has not yet released July data.

“Looking to the remainder of the year,” Guidry said, “we anticipate a significant boost in the fall as our air carriers recover and increase their schedules.”

In Long Beach, 1,213 tons of air cargo arrived at the airport in July, down 6.8% from last year and 30.2% from 2019. Air cargo at LAX, meanwhile, was up 16.59% in June compared to the same month last year.