Two proposed developments along Long Beach Boulevard in North Long Beach will transform vacant parcels into 56 for-sale townhomes by City Ventures, developer of the Huxton townhomes in Downtown, which are sold out.

City Ventures townhomes in North Long Beach
Construction on two townhome developments by City Ventures in North Long Beach is slated to break ground this fall, with the rst units expected to be delivered in late 2021. Combined, the projects include 56 for-sale homes. (Renderings courtesy of City Ventures)

“[The projects will] remove . . . blighted, underutilized vacant parcels for North Long Beach,” Ryan Aeh, senior vice president of land acquisition for City Ventures, told the Business Journal. “[They will] provide much needed investment and attention to Long Beach Boulevard and continue some of the progress that’s already been made in the area.”

The larger of the two projects, located at 5100 Long Beach Blvd., will include 38 three-story townhomes and 86 parking stalls, up from initial reports by the city that the development would include 33 homes and 75 stalls. The development includes 9,608 square feet of common open space, over 100 square feet more per unit than is required by the city. The common areas include a social event garden and an outdoor living space. Some open space features include a vegetable planter, a barbecue kitchen, a harvest table, small shade structures, seating and enhanced landscaping.

The smaller project is located at 4800 Long Beach Blvd. and will feature 18 three-story townhomes with 41 parking stalls, up from previous reports by the city of 16 homes and 36 stalls. City regulations require only 150 square feet of open space per unit, which would total 2,700 for the project; however, City Ventures is including 580 square feet per home for a total of 10,435 square feet. Amenities are similar to the 5100 development, with the addition of a community fireplace.

“We specifically designed the communities so that the front doors face the street. [They’re] not … walled off or hidden; they really embrace the neighborhood and the streetscape,” Aeh said. “We really feel like they tap that missing middle, which provides homeownership opportunities for young professionals and young families.”

Designs for the North Long Beach homes are similar to Huxton: all homes will be fully electric, featuring energy saving appliances and thermostats, and will include rooftop solar panels and pre-wired hookups for electric vehicles in the garages. The communities will offer homes up to 1,747 square feet in size, with up to three bedrooms. Prices are expected to start in the high $400,000s.

Both projects are currently in the final entitlement review process, Aeh said, adding that he expects to break ground in the fall. Construction of the two developments will occur simultaneously, with the first units expected to be delivered in late 2021. Aeh said he anticipates the project to be completed in early 2022.

“I’m always proud of the kind of leadership role that we take when we go into an area . . . early on. It’s exciting to see the investment that follows us,” Aeh said. “There are a lot of good things happening in North Long Beach and it’s exciting to be a part of it.”

Brandon Richardson is a reporter and photojournalist for the Long Beach Post and Long Beach Business Journal.