Sathya Chey and Steve Carlsen, managing partners of newly launched Arise Private Wealth, are set apart by the conscientious way they advise clients. They get results not only because of their expertise and experience, but because they provide wealth advisory with a heart.

“It can be hard to find a financial advisor that you feel really cares about the outcome,” Chey says. “Our clients picked us and remain loyal because they appreciate the authenticity with which Steve and I operate and they know we truly care.”

The company name, Arise, was significant for Chey and Carlsen, who both had challenges to overcome in life. “Arise” is the ability to ascend beyond past trials and take control of the future. For Carlsen, it was the hurdles that came with being raised by a single mother and, for Chey, it was being born in a Thai refugee camp after her family survived the Cambodian genocide.

Launching Arise Public Wealth was the wealth advisors’ way of moving upward.

Pam Dickson, Shannon Rowan and Kathy Holcomb of Arise Private Wealth

Serving clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout the country, Arise Private Wealth is affiliated with LPL Financial. Based in Rolling Hills Estates, Arise serves clients nationwide. Their team includes Pamela Dickson, Katherine Holcomb and Shannon Rowan.

Arise offers a variety of services, from education, estate and legacy planning to wealth protection, business services and advisory asset allocation, but the core of their practice is retirement planning. The Arise team utilizes a specialized process that allows them to excel in creating comprehensive investment and distribution strategies that manages risks and taxes.

Good investments are not just those that increase the bottom line. Good investments should also reflect the investor’s values and be made conscientiously.

Sathya Chey and Steve Carlsen of Arise Private Wealth

Formerly with Wells Fargo Advisors, Chey and Carlsen also help clients who are seeking to align their values with their investments. A growing number of companies participate in strategies aimed to mitigate environmental, social and governance negative impacts, or ESG. More broadly categorized as Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing, SRI allows investors to thrive financially while maintaining their principles and doing something good for the community and the world, as companies who follow these tenets often concurrently increase shareholder value, Chey and Carlsen say.

“I’ve always been passionate about the environment, personally, including issues related to global warming, pollution and water usage,” says Carlsen, a native Long Beach resident and life-long surfer who doesn’t leave the water without picking up trash. “Many of our clients want to invest in good companies with good practices, like equal pay for women, diversity in recruiting and promotion and acceptance of all people. These desires drive how and where our clients spend their money, so we help clients ensure their investment dollars are also going toward companies whose principles they agree with.”

As information spreads widely and quickly via the Internet, investors have access to more information than ever before, which is often conflicting and confusing, Chey adds. “SRI isn’t a perfect strategy, but it allows people to deliberately allocate their investments into companies making conscious efforts to reduce their environmental footprint or contribute positively to society,” she says. “As someone who grew up knowing about scarcity and the challenges of being a minority woman, I know that it takes intentional, conscious strategy to improve everything from a diverse work force to human rights. Investments can lead to change from within companies, as companies must be responsive to investors.”

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Steve Carlsen and Sathya Chey are registered representatives with securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC. CA Insurance License: 0683994 and 0M62433