Boeing CEO Announces $300 Million

In Employee/Charitable Investments After Tax Bill Passes

After both houses of Congress approved the GOP-sponsored tax bill, Boeing President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg announced this morning that his company would invest $300 million in employee-related and charitable investments. Muilenburg called the tax bill’s passage “the single-most important thing we can do to drive innovation, support quality jobs and accelerate capital investment in our country.” Boeing’s planned investments include:

– $100 million for corporate giving/employee gift-match programs, and for investments in education, communities and veterans/military personnel.

– $100 million for workforce development

– $100 million for facilities and infrastructure enhancements for Boeing employees


Tax Reform Could Be A Risk To California Home Values

According to California Association of Realtors President Steve White, the tax reform bill passed by Congress today “puts home values at risk and dramatically undercuts the incentive to own a home.” He said that California homeowners and potential buyers will see a negative impact because a typical home in the state is two and a half times more expensive than the national home price. The bill caps state and local income, sales and property tax deductions at $10,000. Previously, there was no limit on these deductions.


Advanced Energy System For Groundwater

Treatment Plant Could Save City $1.9 Million

The Long Beach Water Department has teamed up with Advanced Microgrid Solutions, a provider and manager of advanced energy storage solutions, to create an energy storage system for the city’s Groundwater Treatment Plant. According to a statement from the water department, a battery system and transactive energy platform called “Armada” will “improve the operational efficiency of the plant, lower energy costs and provide critical grid services to the local electric utility.” The system is scheduled to be operational next fall. It could save the city up to $150,000 per year and up to $1.9 million over 10 years.


Vehicle Registration Fees To Increase In 2018

Effective January 1, California vehicle registration fees will increase between $25 and $175, depending on the market value of the vehicle. The new rates will go towards infrastructure repair and road maintenance. Vehicles exempt from the fee include: commercial vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds; vehicles with a “planned nonoperational” status; and those with historical plates. For more information, call 916/657-6560.


Dew Tour And Agenda Show Join Forces For Summer Event In Long Beach

The annual Summer Dew Tour, a skateboarding competition and festival, is syncing its summer 2018 tour dates with Agenda, a fashion trade show. Dew Tour takes place from June 28 to July 1 at the Long Beach Convention &Entertainment Center and Rainbow Park Lagoon. The Agenda show is at the convention center June 28 to 30. The Dew Tour, which is presented by Mountain Dew and produced by TEN: The Enthusiast Network, features both team and individual competitions, an outdoor music concert area, local food vendors and a public skate park. The Agenda festival includes a one-day consumer festival with live music and pop-up shops.