State Auditor Criticizes California State University System Practices
A report released by the state auditor today found that the California State University (CSU) Chancellor’s Office did not fully disclose its surplus of $1.5 billion to students when requesting feedback on tuition increases, nor did it disclose the information to the state legislature when projecting its available financial resources. The audit also found that the chancellor’s office did not ensure that CSU campuses planned or implemented alternate transportation options before investing in additional parking facilities. The audit, which reviewed a 10-year period, found that this cost was often passed to students in the form of increased parking permit fees, and that students typically did not benefit from additional parking because enrollment increased at a faster rate than spaces were added. CSU Chancellor Timothy White issued a statement in response alleging that the audit report misrepresented the university system’s practices and might mislead the public. “The report’s incorrect claim that the CSU failed to fully inform its stakeholders about fund balances overlooks dozens of presentations of publicly available reports that included information about these funds,” White stated. For more details, pick up a copy of the upcoming July 2 edition of the Business Journal, or visit our website that day at

Small Business Owner Mariela Salgado Announces Candidacy For 1st District Seat
Mariela Salgado – a marine commissioner with the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department and a local small-business owner – yesterday announced her intention to run as a candidate for the vacant 1st District seat on the Long Beach City Council. Salgado stressed the need to address unemployment rates, poverty and homelessness in the 1st District. “I’m running for city council because it’s time for new leadership, new partnerships and new solutions,” Salgado stated in her announcement. “We can’t afford to vote for a ‘business-as-usual’ candidate who is handpicked by City Hall. We need an independent leader and a problem solver who will move Long Beach forward and make sure all of our city’s residents thrive.” Salgado is a Signal Hill Chamber of Commerce member, a Long Beach Unified School District school-site representative, an Edison Elementary School site councilmember and a member of the Long Beach Area Convention Visitor’s Bureau. She holds a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s degree in business administration. Salgado is running against Mary Zendejas, a member of the Long Beach Transit Board of Directors, and Elliot Gonzales, a former member of the Long Beach Sustainable City Commission. Another potential candidate, Ray Morquecho, a 1st District resident, launched a website that indicated his intention to run, but has not made a formal announcement or confirmed his candidacy with the Business Journal.

City of Long Beach To Host Community Workshop On Inclusionary Housing
The Long Beach Development Services Department is inviting residents to provide input on a proposal to create an inclusionary housing policy for the city. Inclusionary housing policies require developers of market rate housing to provide a certain percentage of affordable units. The community workshop aims to collect community input on strategies to further evaluate housing needs and opportunities. It takes place on Saturday, June 29, from 10 a.m. to noon., at the Roosevelt Elementary School Auditorium, 1574 Linden Ave. Translation services in Spanish, Tagalog and Khmer will be provided.

Citywide Land Use Element PEIR Available For Public Comment
Long Beach Development Services today released a revised program environmental impact report (PEIR) for the General Plan Land Use Element and Urban Design Element, documents that set guidelines for placetypes, building heights and design standards citywide. The final maps were adopted by the city council in March 2018 after several outreach events in response to community backlash. The PEIR is available for public comment through August 16.