Business Journal Position On Long Beach

Ballot Measure WW: Hotel Workplace Requirements and Restrictions

Measure WW is one of the most deceiving measures we’ve seen on a Long Beach ballot. Proponents claim its aim is to safeguard employees from abuse by hotel guests and to ensure workers are not taken advantage of by management.

Do you really believe hotel managers want to put their workers at risk?

Consider these two items:

  • The measure targets hotels and motels with 50 or more rooms. Why aren’t all lodging facilities included? Don’t workers at smaller facilities deserve the same safeguards as those employed by large hotels?
  • The measure states that if a hotel unionizes, the workload requirements suddenly become negotiable. That should make it very clear to you that the measure is not about workers or working conditions.

If this measure were solely about worker safety, we’d support it. Clearly, there are ulterior motives behind it. No on Measure WW.

Millworks Sells The Vault To Local Church

Millworks announced today that it sold 350 Pine Ave., a former music venue, to Antioch Church of Long Beach. The church plans to use the property for religious services as well as plays, weddings, comedy shows, music and business events. Purchased in 2015 by Millworks, the company had originally planned to return the Vault to its former glory as a music venue. “Everyone in the music biz we met with passed on lease and sale opportunities. That was disappointing. We were faced with retail options that would have put good friends out of business; we couldn’t do that,” Michelle Molina, manager and co-owner of Millworks, told the Long Beach Business Journal via e-mail. “[Antioch] will open a great venue that will keep money and jobs local and bring a whole new experience beyond just a music venue,” Michelle added. “They have been in Long Beach for over 60 years and are so excited to be welcomed downtown!”

Long Beach Airport Celebrates Runway Completion

The Long Beach Airport today celebrated the completed reconstruction of its busiest runway used most often for general aviation, Runway 8R-26L. Reconfiguration of the runway to improve safety and pavement conditions began in January. The runway was redesignated due to shifts in the earth’s magnetic fields (which affect aviation navigational equipment), was reduced from 150 feet to 100 feet, and a new taxiway connector and blast pads were installed, among other improvements. Pictured at the runway ribbon cutting today, from left, are: Curt Castagna, president and CEO of Aeroplex/Aerolease Group; Vice Mayor Dee Andrews; Long Beach Airport Director Jess Romo; David Cushing, manager for the Federal Aviation Administration; and 5th District Councilmember Stacy Mungo.

Business Journal Participating In ‘Beer & Politics’ Event Tonight

The Business Journal is participating on a panel of local editors and reporters at “Beer & Politics” tonight, October 11, 7 p.m., Liberation Brewing Company, 3630 Atlantic Ave. Journalists from the Business Journal, Long Beach Post and Press-Telegram will discuss the role of the press and the realities facing news organizations today.