The Planning Commission approved amendments to Long Beach’s zoning code ahead of the City Council’s vote on an ordinance that would comply with state legislation to decriminalize sidewalk vending in the city.

Two changes were passed—one to delete a requirement for an encroachment permit for vending carts on public right-of-ways and another to add an exception for approved vending carts within parks zoning districts per the Long Beach Municipal Code.

Since the state legislation took effect in 2019, Long Beach has been working on a city ordinance to comply with state law regarding vendors, which includes where they’re allowed to be, what permits are necessary to operate carts and more.

In May, the City Council looked at recommendations put forth by the Public Works Department and the City Manager’s office but found they were too restrictive. This issue is set to come before the City Council again in November.

Until then, the Planning Commission has approved amendments to the zoning code, which were in place before the state legislation passed, to make sure all city codes are cohesive and in compliance.

Members of the Planning Commission also voiced their support for the effort to legalize sidewalk vending, encouraging the City Council to put through an ordinance.