With dozens of development projects under construction and dozens more in the pipeline, Long Beach’s cultural and economic renaissance continues. Long Beach has more than 75 projects citywide – residential, mixed use, commercial and academic – that will enhance the community and create more active neighborhoods, particularly in the downtown core.


“It’s very exciting. It’s challenging because it’s a lot of work, but I relish it as an opportunity,” Linda Tatum, the new director of Long Beach Development Services (LBDS), said. “I would say that the key objective of any department director is to make a difference in the community, and this is certainly a great time to do that, to make a difference.”


Tatum was named director of LBDS at the end of April after former director Amy Bodek accepted a position overseeing planning and development for Los Angeles County. Tatum began working for the City of Long Beach in 2015 as manager of the planning bureau. She said her priorities as director include keeping development moving forward smoothly without negative impacts to the community and to build relationships with the residents.


After having been involved with the controversial Land Use Element process, Tatum explained that better information to the community about, and therefore a better understanding of, the development and planning process is needed. This can be achieved through more effective outreach and education on the city’s part, she added.


Working with LBDS, Long Beach City College and California State University, Long Beach, the Business Journal has compiled a comprehensive list of development projects citywide as of May 15. These include projects that are underway, have been approved or are pending.


Click here to download a complete list of citywide developments in Long Beach, both planned and underway.


(Source: Prepared by the City of Long Beach Development Services Department, California State University, Long Beach, Long Beach City College and the Long Beach Business Journal)