One of the last empty lots at Douglas Park is set to be occupied after the Planning Commission unanimously approved an eight-building industrial project during its meeting Thursday night.

Dubbed Pacific Pointe West, the project site is located on the vacant 48-acre Boeing Enclave just north of Long Beach Airport. The site once housed several Boeing aircraft manufacturing facilities and was one of the last parcels in the area sold by the aerospace giant.

The eight buildings will total almost one million square feet. Seven of the structures will range from 82,058 to 188,870 square feet individually and one building will be 38,499 square feet.

Over 1,600 parking spaces are included in the site plan. Each of the buildings will be fitted with architectural features similar to other Douglas Park projects, including metal panels and canopies, varied roof heights and asymmetrical design for aesthetic appeal.

“While each of the eight buildings share similar features and materials, each building is unique and individual,” the staff report on the project reads. “The proposed project is not only compatible and consistent between each building, but it maintains the same high-quality architecture and exterior design characteristic of Douglas Park as a whole.”

Several Pacific Pointe projects already have been completed at Douglas Park over the last decade. The series of developments first got off the ground in September 2011 with the approval of Pacific Pointe—a four-building project located along Cover Street between Schaufele Avenue and McGowen Street. The four buildings range from approximately 42,000 to 103,000 square feet.

Pacific Pointe South was approved just three months later and added three buildings ranging from 106,000 to 168,000 square feet Conant Street, north of Long Beach Airport and west of Lakewood Boulevard. Pacific Pointe East also included three buildings east of Lakewood Boulevard and south of Conant Street and was approved in July 2014. The buildings range from 114,000 to 228,000 square feet.

In October 2017, Pacific Pointe Northwest was approved, adding four more buildings to Douglas Park directly east of the Lakewood Golf Course along East Carson Street.

Pacific Pointe West is slated as the final piece of the puzzle, city spokesman Rick de la Torre said in an email. The project is in line with similar developments that have accommodated the boom in aerospace companies moving to Long Beach.

The project is expected to add 1,500 jobs in Long Beach, according to a staff presentation.

At the meeting, the applicant—Sares Regis Group, which has developed much of Douglas Park—informally requested one of the conditions of approval be modified. The condition requires the project to implement the city’s Bicycle Master Plan with bike lanes on its adjacent streets, and is standard for projects in the area.

After a brief discussion, commissioners and staff were unwilling to amend the condition and moved to postpone the item to a future meeting for further discussion. However, a representative from Sares Regis rescinded the request, allowing the commission to vote on the item as recommended by staff.

Christian May-Suzuki is a reporter at the Long Beach Business Journal.