While many sectors—and people’s lives in general—were turned upside down this past year, construction on numerous developments continued throughout Long Beach.

There were certainly new challenges for contractors and developers: supply chain disruptions, mask requirements, worker testing and mandatory quarantine for those who may have been exposed to the disease ravaging the country. But halting a major development outright was out of the question.

Across the city, more than 5,300 residential units are at various stages of development, ranging from recently completed to proposed and under review by city staff, according to data compiled by Long Beach Development Services and the Business Journal. Of those units, about 1,800 are classified as affordable, including senior housing, dorm rooms and support housing for low-income residents and those experiencing homelessness.

“We’re providing options to residents of all income levels,” Development Services Director Oscar Orci said. “But we can always do better and we are striving to do better.”

Commercially, about two million square feet of space is in various stages of development, including industrial, office, retail and restaurant space. This figure also includes tens of thousands of square feet of meeting and event space in multiple hotel projects, which include a combined 813 guest rooms.

Most of the more prominent projects are in Downtown, several of which are set to change the city’s skyline forever. On the northwest corner of Ocean Boulevard and Alamitos Avenue, Shoreline Gateway already towers 35 stories above the city, now the tallest building in Long Beach, and is slated to open later this year.

“Downtown is a desirable location. Where else can you be on the water and have a vibrant place to live, work and play?” Orci said of the continued interest in Downtown by developers. “It’s all part of that quality of life experience in Long Beach.”

More projects are on the way but many will not come to fruition as quickly as developers—and the city—had hoped.

After a few months of delays last year due to issues with a water main, construction on the Broadway Block development has resumed. The project on the northeast corner of Third Street and Broadway includes a 23-story high rise and a seven-story mid-rise with a combined 432 residential units.

The 30-story hotel proposed by Seattle-based American Life, Inc. was approved by the Long Beach Planning Commission earlier this month, breathing new life into a project that was first put on the books in 2016. Attached to the project approval was a three-year extension on when the developer must break ground. Project approvals and certifications expire and refiling a proposal is costly for developers.

“Without [the extension] the project would be dead and everyone’s hard work would be down the drain,” American Life President Greg Steinhauer said in February.

With the decimation of convention and cruise business that left most Long Beach hotels all but vacant for the past year, delays in the project prior to 2020 appear to have worked in American Life’s favor. But as more vaccine doses are administered, Steinhauer said the group is ready to move forward with the 429-room hotel on the southeast corner of Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue, the former site of the Jergins Trust building.

Last July, the Long Beach Civic Center mid-block development—a 580-unit companion project to the new City Hall and Port of Long Beach buildings—lost its developer, Texas-based JPI Development after the project was approved by the Planning Commission a few months earlier. The master developer, Plenary-Edgemoor Civic Partners, continues its search for a new contractor, Orci said.

“They are interviewing potential contractors, with a few that are serious about taking over the project,” Orci said, noting that work cannot begin until the old City Hall is demolished, a process that could take until early 2022.

After demolition, the land must be prepped for the construction of the two eight-story buildings, which will take about nine months, according to Orci.

“By then we are hoping to see somebody back on board and moving through the construction process,” he said.

While these major developments are slowly moving forward, two of the most ambitious proposals are noticeably absent from city staff’s development list: Trammel Crow’s West Gateway and Greenlaw Partner’s Ocean Village, which included 746 and 738 units, respectively.

The West Gateway proposal featured six buildings at 600 W. Broadway, including what would be the city’s tallest building at 40 stories. But those plans may be obsolete, according to Orci.

“They’re … looking at potentially redesigning the project working with the Port of Long Beach,” Orci said. “But they’re still actively engaged with city staff.”

The original proposal for the Ocean Village project included three seven- and eight-story buildings southwest of the intersection of Ocean Boulevard Golden Shore. But those plans, too, are outdated, Orci said.

In an email, Rob Mitchell of Greenlaw Partners said the project is on hold because the most recent plans didn’t “pencil,” meaning it would not be profitable based on the rents the developer could charge. But Greenlaw is still engaged with staff, Orci said, noting they are looking to alter plans to make it a more amenitized, high-end project.

“It’s very exciting to see our skyline change,” Orci said. “It’s fantastic that we can continue to grow our residents and our commercial property.”

The following is a comprehensive list of development projects throughout the city compiled by Long Beach Development Services and Business Journal staff.



The Alamitos

Address: 101 Alamitos Ave.

Developer: Sares Regis Group

Building height: Seven stories

Units: 136

Commercial space: 2,560 square feet

Parking stalls: 174

Amenities: Fitness center, roof-top deck and club room, bike kitchen and storage room.

Start/Completion: 2017/2020

A Line Improvements

Four new crossover switches, upgraded train control system, a new overhead power system, in some sections new rail tracks. Station upgrades include new IxNTouch information screens, station identifiers, wayfinding signage, refreshed paint and landscaping, and new digital artwork.

The Crest (formerly Sonata Modern Flats)

Address: 207 E. Seaside Way

Developer: Ensemble Real Estate

Building height: Five stories

Units: 113

Commercial space: 2,000 square feet

Parking stalls: 176

Amenities: Oversized patios, in-unit washer and dryer, rooftop deck, fitness center, media room and a ground-floor bar.

Start/Completion: 2017/2020

Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

After multiple delays, the replacement for the old Gerald Desmond Bridge opened to the public Oct. 5, 2020. The 205-foot high, cable-stayed deck is the highest of its kind in the United States. The bridge’s 515-foot-tall towers are the tallest structures in the city.

Under Construction

Breakers Hotel

Address: 210 E. Ocean Blvd.

Developer: Pacific6

Building height: 14 stories

Units: 185 hotel rooms

Amenities: Ground-floor dining, wine bar, penthouse dining, rooftop bar, spa and fitness spaces, and meeting rooms.

Start/Completion: 2019/TBA

Broadway + Magnolia Apartments

Address: 500 W. Broadway

Developer: Ensemble Real Estate

Building height: Seven stories

Units: 141

Commercial space: 4,110 square feet

Parking stalls: 191, 21 EV, 94 bike

Start/Completion: 2020/2022

Broadway Block

Address: 200-250 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: Onni Development Group

Building height: 23-story high rise, seven-story mid-rise

Units: 432

Commercial space: 15,787 square feet

Parking stalls: 582; 104 for bikes

Amenities: Proposed partnership with CSULB for programming of commercial and public spaces, and a housing component for students.

Start/Completion: 2019/2023

The Hotel

Address: 107 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: Yogesh Patel

Building height: Five stories

Units: 34 rooms

Commercial Space: 30,620 square feet

Parking stalls: 1,440

Amenities: On-site parking, rooftop deck, lounge areas, pool and spa.

Start/Completion: 2018/2022

Locust Long Beach Apartments

Address: 1112-1130 Locust Ave.

Developer: Locust Equities

Building height: Seven stories

Units: 97

Parking stalls: 122; 20 for bikes

Amenities: A fitness center, recreational space, courtyard, open space, pool, spa and outdoor seating.

Start/Completion: 2020/TBA

Ocean Center

Address: 110 W. Ocean Blvd.

Developer: Pacific6

Building height: 14 stories

Units: 80

Commercial space: 6,720 square feet

Parking stalls: 83

Amenities: Rooftop terraces and common spaces.

Start/Completion: 2020/2022

Ocean View Tower

Address: 200 W. Ocean Blvd.

Developer: MEIAO Investment

Building height: 15 stories

Units: 98

Parking stalls: 150

Amenities: Pool and spa, community room, fire pit, fitness room, outdoor dining and dog run.

Start/Completion: 2017/2022


Address: 635 Pine Ave., 636 Pacific Ave.

Developer: Holland Partner Group

Building height: Two eight-story buildings

Units: 271, 11 affordable

Commercial space: 1,305 square feet

Parking stalls: 341; 56 for bikes

Amenities: Retail space.

Start/Completion: 2018/ 2021

Shaun Lumachi Innovation Center

Address: 309 Pine Ave.

Developer: City of Long Beach, Economic Development Department

Building height: Two-story

Amenities: New facade, modern work and meeting spaces with shared working environment and entrepreneurial innovation center.

Completion: Summer 2021

Shoreline Gateway

Address: 777 E. Ocean Blvd.

Developer: Anderson Pacific, LLC

Building height: 35 stories

Units: 315

Commercial space: 6,700 square feet

Parking stalls: 458

Amenities: Rooftop deck with multiple areas featuring landscaping and hardscape amenities, including lounge tables and seating and a community room.

Start/Completion: 2018/2021

5N° at The Streets

Address: 495 The Promenade N.

Developer: Shooshani Developers

Building height: Four stories

Units: 20

Commercial space: 5,200 square feet

Parking stalls: 30

Amenities: Ground-floor, 24-hour eatery

Start/Completion: 2018/fall 2021


American Life Hotel

Address: 100 E. Ocean Blvd.

Developer: American Life, Inc.

Building height: 30 stories

Units: 429 rooms

Commercial space: 50,359 square feet

Parking stalls: 151

Amenities: 23,512 square feet of restaurant space and 26,847 square feet of meeting and ballroom areas.

Start/Completion: TBA


Address: 125 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: Raintree-Evergreen, LLC

Building height: Eight stories

Units: 218 – A mix of studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom market-rate apartments and townhouses

Commercial space: 7,292 square feet

Parking stalls: 312; 44 for bikes

Amenities: An 11,600-square-foot courtyard, swimming pool, spa, barbecue area, lounge seating, coworking space, and rooftop lounge.

Start/Completion: TBA


Ghost Kitchen

Address: 456 Elm Ave.

Building height: Three stories

Units: 19 tenant commercial kitchens

Commercial Space: 60,040 square feet

Amenities: Designated public space for indoor dining, retail area, show kitchen for demonstrations, menu development, recipe tasting and content creation.

Start/Completion: April 2021/TBA

The Inkwell

Address: 125-135 E. Broadway

Developer: Raintree-Evergreen, LLC

Building height: Eight stories

Units: 189

Commercial space: 10,000 square feet

Parking stalls: 268; 40 for bikes

Amenities: Fitness room, club room, roof decks and a swimming pool.

Start/Completion: TBA

Lincoln Park

Address: Ocean Boulevard and Pacific Avenue

Redeveloped Lincoln Park featuring multi-purpose lawn, dog park, children’s play area, restroom facilities and more.

Start/Completion: 2020/2022

Mixed-Use Project

Address: 507 N. Pacific Ave.

Developer: Anastasi Development Company

Building height: Seven stories

Units: 157, one- and two-bedroom condos

Commercial space: 9,000 square feet

Parking stalls: 209

Amenities: Recreation decks and a rooftop deck.

Start/Completion: TBA

Residences at Linden

Address: 135 Linden Ave.

Developer: Residences at Linden, LLC

Building height: Seven stories

Units: 82

Commercial space: 4,091 square feet

Parking stalls: 135; 20 for bikes

Amenities: A courtyard, enclosed terrace, outdoor roof terrace, recreational space, a gym and a club room.

Start/Completion: TBA

Third + Pacific

Address: 131 W. Third St.

Developer: Ensemble Real Estate

Building height: Two eight-story buildings

Units: 345

Commercial space: 14,481 square feet

Parking stalls: 483

Amenities: Club rooms, fitness center and amenity areas.

Start/Completion: 2021/TBA

Proposed & Under Review


Address: 636 Locust Ave.

Developer: Starpoint Properties

Building height: Seven stories

Units: 108

Commercial space: 1,188 square feet

Parking stalls: 136

Amenities: Pool, community room, fitness area, lounge, barbecue grill and a rooftop deck.

Start/Completion: TBA

The Lighthouse (Lydia House Expansion)

Address: 1335 Pacific Ave.

Developer: ktgy

Building height: Three stories

Units: 44 beds

Parking: Unknown

Amenities: Multipurpose room, living room, playroom and staff offices.

Start/Completion: TBA

Mixed-Use Project

Address: 525 E. Broadway

Developer: 525 East Broadway, LLC

Building height: Seven stories

Units: 48 Units

Commercial space: 5,090 square feet

Parking: TBA

Amenities: Outdoor arcade and seating area.

Start/Completion: TBA

Residential Project

Address: 923, 927 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: A&H Architects, Inc.

Building height: Six stories

Units: 86

Parking: Three-level underground garage

Amenities: A courtyard and roof deck.

Start/Completion: TBA

East Long Beach


Amazon Fresh

Address: 6235 E. Spring St.

Building height: One story

Commercial space: 42,698 square feet

Parking stalls: 177

Completion: Summer 2021

Battery Energy Storage Project

Address: 690 N. Studebaker Road

Developer: AES Alamitos Energy Center

Building height: One story

Commercial space: 45,000 square feet

Replacement of existing power plant with a cleaner, lower-profile, more efficient facility

Completion: 2021

Coffee Bean

Address: 5865 E. Spring St.

Developer: Pacific West Property Group

Building height: One story

Commercial space: 1,839 square feet

Amenities: Drive-thru

Start/Completion: 2019/2020

Douglas Park Northwest

Address: 3550 Carson St.; 3881 McGowen Ave.; 3861 and 4001 Worsham Ave.

Developer: Sares Regis Group

Building height: One story, 42-foot clearance

Commercial space: Four company headquarter buildings totaling 390,000 square feet

Parking stalls: 669

Completion: 2020

Motel 6 (Project Homekey)

Address: 5665 E. Seventh St.

Building height: Two stories

Units: 43 rooms

Amenities: Hotel was converted into permanent supportive housing within the next two years, 24/7 security, case management, medical and mental health supportive services.

Relativity Space

Address: 3500 E. Burnett St.

Developer: Relativity Development

Building height: One story

Commercial space: 113,800 square feet

The company manufactures rockets using 3-D printers. Research, development and testing of circuit boards are also part of operations.

Completion: 2020


Address: 4350 Conant St.

Developer: SaresRegis Group/SpinLaunch

Building height: 41 feet

Commercial space: 140,000 square feet, including 21,000 square feet of office

Parking stalls: 204

Research, development and manufacture of future launch vehicles.

Completion: January 2021

Staybridge Suites

Address: 2640 N. Lakewood Blvd.

Developer: YHB Hospitality

Building height: Six stories

Rooms: 125

Parking stalls: 385 in a two-level parking garage

Amenities: Conference rooms, indoor fitness center, entertainment room with a TV, pool table, outdoor pool and jacuzzi area.

Start/Completed: 2018/2020

Under Construction

CSULB Dorms: Parkside North Residence Hall

Address: 1250 Bellflower Blvd.

Building height: Three and four stories

Beds: 475

Amenities: Kitchens, study rooms, multiple levels of community and outdoor courtyard space.

Start/Completion: 2019/May 2021


Address: 3655 Norwalk Blvd.

Developer: Pulte Home Company, LLC

Building height: Two stories

Units: 40 Single-family homes

Parking: Two-car garage per unit

Amenities: Gated community, open space areas include meandering path, seating, BBQ area, play equipment

Start/Completion: 2018/TBA

Long Beach Airport Terminal Improvements

Address: 4100 Donald Douglas Drive

Developer: Swinerton Builders, Long Beach Airport

  • New ground transportation plaza with 200,000 square foot surface parking lot for rental car storage and queuing.
  • Rehabilitated historic airport terminal building for rental car areas, 5,600 square feet
  • New ticketing terminal, 14,310 square feet
  • New checked baggage inspection system facility, 6,200 square feet enclosed, 4,000 square foot canopy area
  • Consolidated baggage claim area, 13,000 square feet
  • Pre-security concessions, 2,000 square feet
  • Pre-security restrooms, 1,750 square feet
  • New meet-and-greet courtyard, 9,300 square feet

Start/Completion: 2021/2023

Retail Center

Address: 2528-2590 N. Lakewood Blvd.

Developer: Lakewood Willow, LLC

Building height: Two one-story commercial buildings

Units: Three – Starbucks, Jack in the Box, sit down restaurant TBD

Commercial space: 4,238 and 2,516 square feet

Parking stalls: 92

Amenities: Outdoor dining, new site landscaping, improvements to sidewalks and public right of ways, widening bus stop areas.

Start/Completion: 2019/2022


Belmont Beach & Aquatics Center

Address: 4000 E. Olympic Plaza

Developer: City of Long Beach, Public Works Department

Parking stalls: 1,152

  • A 12,320-square-foot competitive pool
  • A 4,560-square-foot recreation pool
  • A 1,000-square-foot teaching pool, 500-square-foot spa
  • A 5,660-square-foot diving well
  • A spray garden
  • 1,555 permanent seats,
  • A 15,181-square-foot pool facilities building with locker rooms, offices, food concessions, changing rooms and storage rooms
  • 141,558 square feet of hardscaped open space
  • A 92,297-square-foot passive park area
  • Public restrooms.

Start/Completion: Summer 2022/TBA

Industrial Park Project

Address: 300 Studebaker Road

Developer: Pannatoni Development Co.

Commercial space: Two industrial buildings totaling 139,000 square feet, including 21,000 square feet of office space

Parking: Unknown

Start/Completion: 2021/TBA

Ocean + Cherry (formerly Silversands)

Address: 2010 E. Ocean Blvd.

Developer: Studio One Eleven

Building height: Four stories facing Ocean Boulevard, seven stories facing the beachfront

Units: 40 hotel rooms, 56 market-rate flats and townhomes

Parking stalls: 166

Amenities: Patios, roof deck, roof gardens

Start/Completion: 2021/TBA

North Long Beach


Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing Community

Address: 6841-6845 Atlantic Ave.

Developer: City of Long Beach, Public Works Department

Building height: One story

Units: Modular-style dormitories for 125 people

Parking stalls: 114

Amenities: Supportive services, kitchen, dining room, lounge, laundry facilities, gender-specific and gender-neutral restrooms and showers, case management and service connection offices, a family respite room for emergency overnight use, outdoor dining area, dog run and pet relief area, and charging station.

Start/Completion: 2019/2020

Houghton Park Community Center

Address: 6301 Myrtle Ave.

Developer: City of Long Beach, Public Works Department

Building height: One story

Commercial space: 6,450 square feet

Parking stalls: 140

Amenities: Two large multipurpose rooms, teen center, computer lab and weight room.

Completion: 2020

Uptown Commons

Address: 6600 Atlantic Ave.

Developer: LAB Holding, LLC

Building height: One story

Commercial space: 10,330 square feet

Parking stalls: 84

Amenities: Large patio area, full-service bank and restaurant space.

Completion: 2020

Under Construction

Bridge Point Project

Address: 2400 E. Artesia Blvd.

Developer: Bridge Development Partners

Building height: One story

Commercial space: 416,000 square feet, including 21,000 square feet of office space

Parking stalls: 433

Completion: 2021

Davenport Park Expansion

Address: 2910 E. 55th Way

Developer: City of Long Beach, Public Works Department

Park space: A 6-acre addition to the existing 5.5-acre park

Parking stalls: 31

Amenities: New sports field, a 5,000 square foot skatepark and fitness equipment.

Start/Completion: 2020/Spring 2022


City Ventures Townhomes

Address: 4800 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: City Ventures

Building height: Three stories

Units: 18 townhomes

Parking stalls: 41

Amenities: Social event garden, outdoor living space, vegetable planter, barbecue kitchen, harvest table, small shade structures, seating, enhanced landscaping and community fireplace.

Start/Completion: TBA


City Ventures Townhomes

Address: 5100 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: City Ventures

Building height: Three stories

Units: 38 townhomes

Parking stalls: 86

Amenities: Social event garden, outdoor living space, vegetable planter, barbecue kitchen, harvest table, small shade structures, seating and enhanced landscaping.

Start/Completion: TBA

The Uptown

Address: Atlantic Avenue and 61st Street

Developer: Westland Developers

Building height: Seven one-story buildings

Commercial space: 31,000 square feet

Parking stalls: 137

Amenities: Three retail buildings and four restaurant buildings, one with a drive-thru

Start/Completion: TBA

Proposed & Under Review

The Beat (Canvas)

Address: 5823-5893 Atlantic Ave.

Developer: LAB, Inc.

Building height: Three stories

Units: 86, including 14 cottage-style apartments

Commercial space: 4,600 square feet

Parking: Two-car garages

Amenities: Community room

Start/Completion: TBA

Westside & Midtown


Best Western (Project Homekey)

Address: 1725 Long Beach Blvd.

Building height: Four stories

Units: 102 rooms

Amenities: Support services including domestic violence programs, health education, employment development and referral to mental health treatment.

Cherese Mari Laulhere Children’s Village

Address: 2801 Atlantic Ave.

Developer: MemorialCare

Building height: Four stories

Commercial space: 80,000 square feet

Amenities: 66 exam rooms, blood-draw station, specialty lab for the hematology and oncology, and multiple gyms.

Completion: 2020


Address: 1388 Daisy Ave.

Developer: 1388 Daisy, LLC/Wide Corp

Building height: One story

Units: 25

Building space: 11,640 square feet

Amenities: 25 kitchen commissaries

Completion: January 2021

Compound LB

Address: 1395 Coronado Ave.

Developer: Occupying warehouse that previously operated as a pre-school

Building height: One story with second level loft

Commercial space: 6,250 square feet

Amenities: A former preschool turned warehouse art gallery with a restaurant and small bar area.

Federation Tower Senior Apartments

Address: 3799 E. Willow St.

Developer: MRK Partners

Building height: Four stories

Units: 50

Amenities: Computer lab, outdoor eating space and a 10-year membership to a neighboring community center.

Completion: Rehabilitation and preservation of the existing affordable project was completed in 2020

Holiday Inn (Project Homekey)

Address: 1133 Atlantic Ave.

Building height: Four stories

Units: 135

Amenities: Health and mental health services, meals, security, case management along with other supportive services.

Long Beach Garden Condominiums

Address: 1570-1598 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: California Investment Regional Center

Building height: Four stories

Units: 36 market-rate condominiums

Commercial Space: 10,000 square feet

Parking: Underground

Amenities: Rooftop garden, fitness center, private balconies, secured bike storage and ground floor retail.

Start/Completion: 2018/2020

Spark at Midtown

Address: 1900 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: Linc Housing

Building height: Five stories

Units: 95 affordable

Commercial space: 12,388 square feet

Parking: Underground

Amenities: New YMCA facility, ground-floor retail, outdoor park space, job training opportunities for residents.

Start/Completion: 2019/2021

Vistas del Puerto

Address: 1836-1852 Locust Ave.

Developer: Clifford Beers Housing

Building height: Five stories

Units: 48 affordable

Commercial space: 3,600 square

Parking stalls: 40 underground

Amenities: Mental health supportive services, substance abuse counseling, employment preparation support, life skills workshops, and more.

Start/Completion: 2019/2020

Under Construction

Affordable Senior Housing

Address: 901-945 E. Pacific Coast Highway.

Developer: Mercy Housing

Building height: Four stories

Units: 68

Commercial space: 4,000 square feet

Parking stalls: 38

Amenities: Garden and a covered patio.

Start/Completion: 2022

Bloom at Magnolia

Address: 1770 Magnolia Ave.

Developer: Linc Housing

Building height: Three stories

Units: 55 affordable

Commercial space: 49,543 square feet

Parking stalls: 20

Amenities: Recreational space, case managers and supportive services programs.

Start/Completion: 2020/2021

Las Ventanas

Address: 1795 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: AMCAL Multi-Housing

Building height: Four Stories

Units: 102 affordable

Commercial space: 3,900 square feet of retail

Parking stalls: 82

Start/Completion: 2019/2021

Laserfiche Headquarters

Address: 3443 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: Urbana Development, LLC

Building height: Four Stories

Commercial space: 102,848 square feet

Parking: Three-story parking structure

Start/Completion: 2019/2021

Millennium Homes (Habitat for Humanity)

Address: 116 W. 14th St.

Developer: Habitat LA

Building height: Two stories

Units: 10 townhomes

Start/Completion: 2020/TBA

The Vault

Address: 1000 New York St.

Building height: Four stories

Units: 21

Amenities: Conversion of existing storage facility to 19 live-work artist studios and two, first level live/work studios

Completion: September 2020


Anaheim & Walnut

Address: 1500 E. Anaheim St.

Developer: Bridge Housing

Building height: Five stories

Units: 88 affordable

Commercial space: 23,880 square feet

Parking stalls: 156

Amenities: Children’s medical clinic, office and retail space on ground floor

Start/Completion:  Fall 2021/TBA


Address: 1401 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: City Fabrick

Building height: Unknown

Units: 160, unidentified number of affordable

Commercial Space: Ground-floor retail

Parking: Unknown

Start/Completion: TBA

Century Villages of Cabrillo

Address: 2221 W. Williams St.

Developer: Century Affordable Development, Inc.

Building height: Four stories

Units: 90 affordable

Parking stalls: 40

Start/Completion: TBA

Long Beach at 14th

Address: 1400 Long Beach Blvd.

Developer: Long Beach Square Partners, LLC

Building height: Five stories

Units: 65 affordable

Commercial space: 2,100 square feet of ground floor retail

Parking stalls: 90

Amenities: Roof deck, gym and media room.

Start/Completion: TBA

Mixed-Use Project

Address: 201-245 W. Pacific Coast Highway, 1827 Pacific Ave.

Developer: Kay Mendoza

Building height: Two five-story buildings connected by a pedestrian bridge

Units: 138

Commercial Space: 26,647 square feet

Parking:  Underground and ground-level parking

Amenities: A market, commercial retail area and business center.

Start/Completion: TBA

Supportive Housing Project

Address: 3590 E. Pacific Coast Highway

Developer: Excelerate Housing Group

Building height: Four stories

Units: 77 affordable

Parking stalls: 18

Amenities: 12,253 square feet of open space, on-site supportive services by Mental Health America of Los Angeles

Start/Completion: TBA

Proposed & Under Review

Affordable Senior Housing

Address: 2515-2545, 550-572 Vernon St.

Developer: DIDM Development

Building height: Five stories

Units: Unknown

Parking stalls: 98

Start/Completion: TBA

Spring Street Business Park

Address: 2851 Orange Ave.

Developer: Duke Realty

Building height: One story

Units: Three light-industrial buildings

Commercial Space: 160,673 square feet

Parking: TBA

For warehouse, packaging or light manufacturing uses.

Start/Completion: 2021/TBA