Late Friday, at 5:46 p.m., after most businesses had closed for the holiday weekend, the City of Long Beach announced the first meeting of the committee appointed to ensure that sales tax money generated from the passage of Measure A is spent as voters were told. That meeting is tomorrow, September 7, 4 p.m. at city council chambers.


Due to the timing of the notice, we assume the meeting will be livestreamed so those wishing to watch may do so. In fact, in the name of transparency, the Business Journal encourages that all of the committees’ meetings be aired live.*


There are seven agenda items, after which public comment is welcomed. Agenda item #4 is a staff presentation on the Fiscal Year 2017 city budget (which is expected to be approved at tonight’s city council meeting), and item #5 is a staff presentation on the use of Measure A funds in the FY17 budget.


The official name of the five-member group is the City of Long Beach Transactions and Use Tax Citizens’ Advisory Committee. It was approved by voters as part of Measure A so that taxpayers are assured that the estimated $4 million a month in new revenue coming from an increase in the sales tax (from the current 9% to 10% effective January 1) is allocated as promised: on public safety and infrastructure.


Committee members, according to the mayor’s office, were selected from a pool of individuals who submitted applications to serve on the committee. The members are: former 9th District Councilmember Steven Neal, who is a civic engagement advocate with Molina Healthcare; the president and CEO of Dignity Health/St. Mary Medical Center, Joel Yuhas; former president and CEO of International City Bank, Jane Netherton; former executive director of the Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership, Judy Ross; and vice president of administration and finance at CSU Long Beach, Mary Stephens.


*UPDATE: The City of Long Beach has announced it will livestream the meeting at