The Long Beach Fire Department (LBFD) will start using a new online program for tracking reports on the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire-protection systems at thousands of buildings throughout the city.


The Long Beach City Council at its meeting on November 10 approved LBFD’s use of The Compliance Engine, a cloud-based program that collects, organizes and categorizes annual third-party inspection reports.


The program will allow approximately 15 licensed firms that test fire-protection systems in Long Beach to upload reports online at LBFD will be able to retrieve data, including whether a building is in compliance, through the site rather than manually pulling reports from spreadsheets with data collected through e-mails and faxes.


The program tracks building fire-protection systems and detects whether buildings are compliant, which is integral to keeping occupants and firefighters safe, according to a statement from the LBFD. Fire Chief Mike DuRee states that the new program will “proactively drive compliance, increase efficiency by maximizing staff resources, decrease false alarms and reduce repeat calls and re-inspections.”


The LBFD will use The Compliance Engine at no cost to the city since third-party companies that enter data online will be funding the program, according to city staff.

LBFD personnel will start using the program for the 78 high-rise buildings in Long Beach that have multiple fire-protection systems, while adding commercial, assembly, educational, industrial and eventually residential buildings.