With 100% of precincts in Los Angeles County reporting, initial tallies from last night’s elections have identified clear winners and losers on local ballots. Outstanding ballots that were mailed in or taken to polling places still must be counted, and might make a difference in a few close races. As of this afternoon, the registrar’s office had not indicated how many ballots remain to be counted.

In Long Beach, all five ballot measures were easily approved, including:

  • Measure AAA, regarding clarification of the city auditor’s authority – received 69.87% of the vote
  • Measure BBB, allows Long Beach candidates to run for three terms and eliminating write-in candidacies beyond that – 55.62%
  • Measure CCC, establishes an ethics commission – 59.99%
  • Measure DDD, establishes a redistricting commission – 58.59%
  • Measure WW, creates safety provisions and workload restrictions for local hotel workers – 61.76%

Congressmember Alan Lowenthal and State Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell, who both represent Long Beach, have been reelected in landslides.

Statewide propositions previously covered by the Business Journal – Proposition 6, 8, and 10 – are all on track to fail, according to the California Secretary of State’s estimates. Prop 6 would have repealed the gas tax, Prop 8 would have capped the revenues of dialysis centers, and Prop 10 would have allowed for expanded rent control policies.

Currently undecided:

  • Countywide Measure W, which needs 66.67% of the vote to pass, is thus far leading with 67.48%.
  • In the sheriff’s race, Alex Villanueva is currently leading Los Angeles County Sheriff and Long Beach resident Jim McDonnell by 5,000 votes.
  • State Sen. Ricardo Lara, who represents Long Beach, has a small lead over Steve Poizner in the race for state insurance commissioner, with 50.8% of the vote.

 The next ballot counting update is slated for this Friday, November 9.