Have you thought about what your resolutions are going to be for the New Year? We decided to have a few elected officials share theirs for 2016.


“My hope for 2016 is that unemployment continues to decline and that we begin to focus on our city’s largest need – investments in infrastructure. Our streets, sidewalks and alleys need major repair and every year we don’t invest in them they become worse and more costly.” – Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia


“Health, wealth, prosperity for the residents of Signal Hill, and to get our library built.” – Signal Hill Mayor Larry Forester


“In 2016, we plan to continue identifying internal improvements that have the potential to make our city operations more efficient and stronger for the taxpayers. Our planned projects will also focus on issues that directly affect our neighborhoods. We want the public to share with us their ideas and suggestions on how we can do better as a city. It is our priority to make the city more responsive to the public’s needs.”– Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud


“My resolution is to recruit 100 mentors for students in Long Beach who need them the most. ‘At-risk’ kids become ‘at-promise’ when someone shows them the right way.” – Long Beach City Prosecutor Douglas P. Haubert


The Business Journal staff took a vote, and our number one resolution is to make the coyote the official animal of Long Beach, since they’re everywhere anyway.