As COVID-19 case numbers continue to drop, counties and local municipalities like Long Beach have adjusted their guidelines and restrictions for businesses, with more changes likely on the way.

To help businesses navigate the changing regulations, the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency has created a searchable database of local and industry-specific guidelines.

“We recognize that in a public health crisis, guidelines and best practices are evolving. That’s why we created a central navigation hub where employers can find the latest information,” Labor Secretary Julie A. Su said in a statement.

To use the portal, employers answer a short set of questions on their business type, location, and current COVID-19 practices, and it generates a tailored “road map” of relevant information and links to resources.

The portal can generate over 2,000 individual road maps based on business type and location, and the corresponding guidelines in effect for the industry and county.

The portal does not ask for business name or any other personal information and, according to an agency release, information entered while searching the portal will not be used for state enforcement activities.

To access the portal, click here.