(5:23 PST) The Business Journal just got off the phone with the L.A. County Registrar’s office and, would you believe it, they “found” another 40,000-plus uncounted provisional ballots from county voters.


This is starting to get out of hand. Maybe the Long Beach City Council or Long Beach City Attorney’s office should direct the Long Beach City Clerk to obtain all the 2nd District ballots from the L.A. County Registrar and do a recount. It is crucial to ensure voters that the 2nd District City Council election result is accurate.


What is verified is that Jeannine Pearce leads Eric Gray by 292 votes out of 10,490 votes counted. There are now approximately another 175,000 votes countywide remaining to be tallied, of which about 1,400 may be 2nd District voters. In order to alter the current outcome, Gray would need about 60% of the remaining votes, which is possible but unlikely.