Measure A/B – Sales Tax

Whether you support or oppose the sales tax measure on the June 7 ballot, Mayor Robert Garcia deserves a tip of the hat for meeting almost daily with residents and business people throughout Long Beach. He has traveled from one corner of the city to the other to speak with anyone who will listen. He has reiterated his commitment to veto any effort to spend the additional revenue raised from the measure on anything other than public safety and infrastructure.


If you oppose the measure, then hopefully you have an alternative to address the rapid increase in crime in our city or to fix real infrastructure needs from outdated fire stations to crumbling sidewalks and bridges. If the measure passes, know that the Business Journal is committed to holding our elected officials accountable. We will form an oversight group to review expenditures associated with the additional sales tax revenue.


2nd District City Council Race

We strongly urge 2nd District voters to elect small business owner Eric Gray as the city’s newest councilmember. He has repeatedly proven himself an active leader and participant in improving the district. He is invested in seeing this city and its residents grow and prosper. His opponent, who is a union employee and organizer and funded heavily by Los Angeles unions, has been pictured numerous times, with bullhorn in hand, keeping business people and tourists from entering Long Beach hotels. The residents of this city deserve better than having such a divisive person on the city council voting on issues affecting everyone in Long Beach.


We firmly believe that Gray’s opponent will always answer first to her union backers instead of district and city constituents. We also firmly know that Eric Gray will be accountable to all Long Beach residents and business people and will rely on finding solutions rather than reaching for a bullhorn.