If you’re a business owner and employer in Long Beach, it’s imperative that you contribute to the effort to elect Eric Gray to the 2nd District City Council seat. If you don’t, you lose the right to complain later when a majority pro-union city council passes anti-business measures that negatively impact every business in the city.


The 2nd District winner is undeniably going to determine this city’s future. How important is this race? In the primary, a single union spent more than $42,000 in independent expenditures to get Gray’s opponent elected. The business community needs a balanced discussion by councilmembers on all city issues. Gray can deliver that.


Gray is a small business owner who for years has given back to his community in positive ways, including leadership roles in the 2nd District. His opponent is a union organizer and director, and a person who has led protests in front of Long Beach hotels with megaphone in hand, driving away business and tourists.


To donate to Gray, visit: www.ericgraylb.com. While there, look at his impressive list of endorsements by both business and 2nd District residential leaders.