Staying healthy goes beyond a balanced diet and exercise; your mind needs a workout, too! Fortunately, it’s easy for active adults and seniors to add brain games into their daily routines. With smartphone apps available for both Apple and Android, you can choose from an array of games to meet your brain-training needs. Almost all apps offer free versions (paid plans available as upgrades or to eliminate ads), and with options that range from quick games to more in-depth sessions, you’ll find something that fits into your whole body health and wellness routine. Read on to learn about 6 apps that will strengthen your mental acuity and engage your senses, all while having fun!


Price: Free with limited tracking/game options; $39.99/year after free trial

If you’re looking for an award-winning experience, try Elevate. Apple’s “App of the Year” in 2014, this app follows a traditional workbook-style format to strengthen your mental acuity across multiple skills. All you need to do is create a profile to begin and track your progress as you move towards mastery. The games offer real world applications in vocabulary, math, focus, and more. The clean, calm colors and straightforward approach make Elevate a go-to as part of your daily routine.


Price: Free with limited tracking/game options; $59.99/year or monthly paid options

Lumosity is one of the best-known brain game apps for a reason; the clear instructions, interesting visuals, and engaging games will leave you eager to come back for another round the next day. You’ll need to create an account to begin, and the app will guide you through a Fit Test to determine your starting levels. Lumosity’s customized program is easy to follow, and the scientific explanations along the way (that describe what skill you’re strengthening and why it’s important) are a great addition to the colorful games. As a bonus, Lumosity offers a meditation app: Lumosity Mind. If you’re looking for a way to begin and end your day with peaceful, purposeful focus, add this app to your routine!

Dancing Line

Price: Free with ads; paid options for upgrades

If you’re looking for an app that strengthens your hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and timing, then try Dancing Line! With its beautiful music and scenes, this game engages several senses as you navigate a dancing line through a path in time to the music. A wonderful addition to traditional brain game apps, Dancing Line will draw you in day after day – an important component to any brain-training exercise. Make sure you have headphones to hear the music if you’re in a noisy area, find a comfortable chair, and dance your way to a stronger brain! With daily challenges and multiple levels, you’ll be playing this game on repeat.

Brainwell Mind Brain Training

Price: Free with ads/limited options; $99.99/year after free trial

Brainwell offers interactive training for common skill areas such as memory, vocabulary, reflexes, and more. You’ll need to create an account to begin and track your progress. The games are varied in both approach and visual interest – build a castle to strengthen your reflex time or sort colored dots for memory-boosting fun! Customize your Brainwell plan by choosing which areas to focus on – or choose them all for a great variety of games!

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4 Pics 1 Word

Price: Free with ads; paid version eliminates ads

A fun way to focus on quick recall and vocabulary building, 4 Pics 1 Word is popular for a reason. Each round shows four pictures that are somehow related – it’s your job to find the word that unites them all! With enough new images to play something different every day, this game will give you a vocabulary and creativity boost. If you’d like a brain game that’s easy to play in short sessions, 4 Pics 1 Word is for you.


Price: Free with limited games/ads; $39.99 lifetime access

Ready to strengthen your recall, focus, reflexes, and more? Impulse offers clever and enticing games that target these key areas. After a quick quiz to choose key areas for your training plan, the colorful and modern games will have you enjoying this brain workout from day one. Impulse customizes an introductory 30-day workout plan and has an option to set reminders on your phone for daily play! Unlock achievements along the way to keep you motivated, and track your progress across multiple games and skills. Impulse even offers a colorblind setting so that everyone can challenge their brains!

Whether you’re looking for an in-depth training plan to keep your wits sharp, or a quick brain boost to play throughout the day, these apps will add fun and focus to your routine. Load them to your smartphone today to keep your mind sharp for years to come.

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