On July 1, 2017, the sales and use tax in Long Beach increased to 10.25%. City and county voters have approved several taxes during the past year or so, leading to much confusion as to how Long Beach arrived at 10.25%. Here’s the breakdown:


State Of California = 7.25%

3.9375%        Goes to State’s General Fund

0.50%            Goes to local public safety fund to support local criminal justice activities

0.50%            Goes to local revenue fund to support local health and social services programs

1.0625%        Goes to local revenue fund

0.25%            Goes to county transportation funds

1.00%            Goes to city or county operations

Source: State Board of Equalization


Metropolitan Transportation Authority = 2.00%

0.50%             Proposition A passed by voters in 1980

0.50%             Proposition C passed by voters in 1990

0.50%             Measure R passed by voters in 2008

0.50%             Measure M passed by voters in 2016; Went into effect July 1, 2017

Source: MTA


City Of Long Beach = 1.00%

1.00%             Long Beach Measure A passed by voters in 2016. Went into effect January 1,

2017. After six years (January 1, 2023) Measure A is reduced to 0.50% for the

next four years then sunsets.

Source: City of Long Beach


L.A. County Measure H = 0.25%

0.25%             Passed by voters to address homelessness, it goes into effect October 1, 2017.

However, Long Beach is exempt until Measure A (above) drops to 0.50%. At that

time, Measure H applies and the Long Beach sales and use tax will be 10%.

When Measure A sunsets December 31, 2026, the Long Beach tax will be 9%

assuming no changes.

Source: City of Long Beach