Long Beach residents are urged to vote YES on Long Beach Measure MA – the tax on the sale of marijuana – in case either the local initiative, Measure MM, or state Proposition 64 passes.


Measure MM is on the Long Beach ballot via the initiative process. It repeals the city’s ban on marijuana businesses and allows for retail medical marijuana businesses. If Long Beach voters approve MM, it will create enforcement problems and add significant costs to our already strained public safety budgets.


Proposition 64 would legalize recreational marijuana. It will undoubtedly cause problems for law enforcement. Anyone who doesn’t believe so has most likely not smoked pot or gotten behind the wheel while under the influence. Legalizing recreational marijuana will lead to an increase in highway accidents and fatalities and allow for marijuana sales near schools and parks. Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna told Staff Writer Brandon Richardson that over two years between 2011 and 2013, Colorado – where recreational marijuana is legal – experienced a 57% increase in marijuana-related emergency room visits.


In order to ensure our public safety personnel and emergency response staff have sufficient funds to meet the additional costs from Prop 64 and Measure MM, Measure MA is essential.


Please examine Measure MM and Prop 64 carefully before deciding how to vote. But whatever you decide, vote YES on MA.