Signatures Submitted For Hotel Workload And Safety Ballot Initiative

Yesterday, petitions containing just over 46,000 signatures for a ballot initiative aimed at creating hotel worker safety protections and workload restrictions were submitted to the city clerk’s office. The office now has 30 business days to count and verify signatures. The initiative would apply to hotels with more than 50 rooms. If the initiative makes it to the November ballot and passes, it would limit the square footage hotel workers are allowed to clean each shift, would require that hotels provide panic buttons, and create various overtime restrictions and requirements.


Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Forced Arbitration

The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of employers yesterday in a case linked to the #MeToo movement, Epic Systems Corp. V. Lewis. In a 5-4 vote, the court ruled that employers can require employees to resolve disputes using arbitration and prevent them from banding together with other employees in class action suits. Arbitration occurs behind closed doors, preventing employees with labor disputes to have their case tried before a jury. The practice of forced arbitration has been widely criticized by proponents of the #MeToo movement. Judge Neil Gorsuch wrote the opinion for the majority, while Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg authored the dissent for the minority.


Federal Government Exceeds Goal For Small Business Contract Awards

The United States Small Business Administration announced that the federal government met its goal for awarding contracts to small businesses for the fifth consecutive year. In 2017, it granted $105.7 billion in contracts to small businesses – the first time small businesses have received more than $100 billion in contracts. The federal government also exceeded its goal for contracts awarded to small businesses owned by women and service-disabled veterans.


Report Finds Fewer Green Jobs Exist Than Previously Reported

The California Center for Jobs and the Economy issued a report today that found that any growth in environmentally sustainable, or “green,” jobs is largely due to reclassification of existing jobs and the miscounting of short-term construction jobs. The report found that out of the 17 million nonfarm jobs in the state, only 1% are new direct green jobs. The other jobs categorized as “green” in prior studies with higher estimates are low-wage, temporary positions not sustainable for a future economy, according to the report.


Port Of Long Beach Grants $600,000 For Asthma Program

The Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma, a community coalition that is part of MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital, has received $600,000 from the Port of Long Beach Community Grant Program. The alliance works with local families in their homes to assist them with managing their children’s asthma. The grant will help fund an educational program, community outreach and intervention services for children with asthma.


Community Hospital Foundation Gives $18,000 In Scholarships

The Community Hospital Long Beach Foundation’s Auxiliary Legacy Scholarship Committee recently awarded $18,000 in scholarships to 10 college students pursuing degrees in medical fields. Four students are attendees of California State University (CSU), Long Beach, and others are attending CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Fullerton and the University of Phoenix, among other institutions.