Rafael Delgado began working at the Port of Long Beach in 2006 as a temporary employee in human resources. He worked his way through a series of administrative analyst positions before landing in his current role as chief wharfinger. The wharfinger’s office is an eight-employee section of the tenant services office within the port’s commercial operations bureau. Delgado and his team of four wharfingers serve as direct lines for tenants to the port administration. As such, they are often in the field interacting with port tenants. The wharfinger’s office is located in the One World Trade Center tower in Downtown Long Beach for quick access to the harbor. “We definitely have to be onsite and hands on,” Delgado said. “Mostly, it’s being out here at the terminals that develops the relationships.” The remainder of Delgado’s office staff are responsible for handling permit requests and damage reports. “Our goal is to keep cargo moving,” Delgado said. His office deals with all sorts of daily issues that can affect the flow of goods. “For whatever reason, as one example, truckers are attracted to fire hydrants and they run over one, I would say, once a month at least,” he said. “My favorite part of the job is watching port operations. I know containers are the busiest portion of the port, but I love all the other types of operations – the break bulk and bulk operations,” Delgado reflected. “I never get tired of watching the ILWU working in the terminals.”