Every month, the Port of Long Beach takes in $12-13 million in revenue. Handling this much money requires a precise billing system to make sure every dollar is accounted for. Rupsi Burman, a business analyst project manager with the port’s information management division, has been instrumental in this effort since she came on board as a contractor in February 2009 and was hired full-time six months later. “My biggest success is definitely implementing the billing system, which tracks the port’s entire operational revenue,” Burman said. In the past 10 years, she has worked with various port divisions, including maintenance, human resources and engineering. “Being a people-oriented person, I like listening to people, trying to understand their needs, and then translating those needs into business requirements, which become system requirements,” she explained. Burman and her team are responsible for identifying the software needs of their colleagues in other port divisions and finding the right software to match. “We have unique skill sets and we support all the divisions of the port. What we do is we implement systems – software and systems that port staff can use to do their day-to-day work,” Burman said. The process can be lengthy – it took 18 months to implement the billing system – but Burman said she finds her work rewarding. “I’m actually really happy to come to work every day,” she said.