Standing in front of Pier G at the Port of Long Beach, Senior Civil Engineer and Program Manager Sailendra Bandatmakur is visibly proud of what his team has been able to accomplish. After joining the port as a traffic engineer in 2001, Bandatmakur switched to the program management division in 2005, where he’s now working on his second project involving the 246-acre pier. The current Pier G Wharf Extension Project will allow the terminal operator, International Transportation Service, to accommodate ships with a capacity of up to 14,000 twenty-foot equivalent units. “For a civil engineer, it’s a dream to work on these kinds of mega-projects,” Bandatmakur said. In addition to the Pier G Wharf Extension Project…, he is also involved in the development of the Mark Bixby Bike and Walk Path, which will run across the new Gerald Desmond Bridge, connecting Downtown Long Beach with the port. “No day is a dull day in the port. Every day we’re solving some issues, working on challenging projects,” Bandatmakur said. His colleagues, he noted, make even the trickiest issues seem solvable. It’s not just the opportunity to work on unique million-dollar projects that excites him, he explained; it’s seeing his work come to fruition in the real world. He reflected, “It is so fulfilling for me that when I bring my daughter [to the port], I can show her: I worked on these projects.”