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Keeping Up With The Port Of Long Beach

Stacey Rebaza, a third generation Long Beach local, has been working on the executive floor of the Port of Long Beach’s offices for 17 years. In 2002, she joined the port as a senior secretary in what was then called the trade division, now known as business development. When Chris Lytle became the port’s executive director in 2011, Rebaza was promoted to become his executive assistant. She has served in this role ever since, and has worked with three executive directors and two interim executive directors. “Every executive director has their own style and way they want to lead the organization. You definitely need to get on board with the next executive director’s vision and goals for the organization. It’s a learning curve,” she said. “In a nutshell, I am responsible for making sure the executive director at the nation’s second largest seaport has everything he needs to be successful.” Rebaza’s phone is on 24/7 – and her job is different every day. “If he [the executive director] needs to meet with certain customers for a certain amount of time, then I have to make sure that that happens. If he needs to talk to Mayor Garcia right now about something, I need to make sure that that happens,” she explained. “Every day is different, and that’s why I love my job.” The people who work at and with the port, as well as those who live in the City of Long Beach, are Rebaza’s favorite part of her work. “This city is full of amazing people,” she said.


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