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‘This is for everybody’: New CSULB museum nears completion

On Oct. 15, Clark Construction Group will turn over the new museum, renamed the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum, to the university—right on schedule.

As restrictions thaw, Long Beach’s gay bars are coming back after...

Many owners feared for the survival of their businesses, not just for their own livelihoods, but for the sake of the gay community, which has historically found sanctuary and community inside their establishments.

Artisan bakery Colossus Bread to open Belmont Shore location Friday

Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Colossus specializes in wholegrain and sourdough breads, handmade croissants and laminated fruit pastries.

After death of Clint Gilmore, Long Beach’s last independent music store...

"If it’s not sustainable, I’m going to have to liquidate."

Relics owner brings passion for old-school photography to Retro Row

In a modest storefront on Retro Row, shelves of vintage cameras sit encased behind towering glass displays: Polaroids, point-and-shoots, standard SLRs, even a ‘76 Super 8 motion camera. It’s an impressive collection. Then again, after 10 years collecting the analog equipment, it tends to add up.

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