JetBlue Announces Cuts To Long Beach Flights, End Of Oakland Routes

In a release on Thursday, JetBlue announced its plans to reduce or eliminate flights on six short-haul routes at Long Beach Airport (LGB). The airline also revealed that it will end service on all routes at Oakland Airport, effective April 29, 2020, including flights to and from LGB. In the statement, the company announced that it will continue serving the Bay Area with flights to San Francisco and San Jose. “JetBlue has been and remains a valuable partner at our airport,” Long Beach Airport Director Cynthia Guidry said in response to the airline’s release. “We know that the aviation industry is constantly changing, including recent decisions by JetBlue that will impact airports across the West Coast. We are confident that relinquished flight slots will be utilized by other air carriers, in accordance with our established waiting list. Demand at the Long Beach Airport is growing and remains high for the convenience and first-class travel experience.”

Mayor Talks History, Successes And Challenges During State Of the City Address

During his sixth annual State of the City address on January 14, Mayor Robert Garcia once again presented a bullish outlook on the city’s economy, education, infrastructure investment, crime reduction, billions of dollars of development and the future of the Queen Mary. “I’m proud to report to all of you tonight that the state of this city is strong,” Garcia said. “Our progress in these last few years is visible from every neighborhood across our city.” Crime decreased 5% in 2019 over 2018, he noted. “We should not accept any crime in our community or in any neighborhood,” Garcia said, “but let’s be crystal clear: our city is safer today than it was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago, and is only getting safer.” Garcia also highlighted the  Douglas Park development, that has attracted three small satellite and spaceflight technology development companies – Virgin Orbit, SpinLaunch and Rocket Lab – to Long Beach. Additionally, he noted increased travel at Long Beach Airport, as well as a 25% increase of Port of Long Beach cargo traffic since 2005. Garcia also announced plans to request the city council to create a new inclusionary zoning policy that encourages the production of affordable housing citywide, as well as revisit and update the Downtown Plan, which was enacted in 2012 and sets development guidelines in downtown to streamline projects.

Two SoCal Leaders To Be Recognized At World-Changing Women’s Summit

Two Southern Californian CEOs are being recognized this month at the third annual World-Changing Women’s Summit, where, from January 29 – 31, more than 250 women in over 20 industries from seven countries will convene to share their experiences as conscious business leaders – leaders who run private sector companies that benefit people and our natural environment. Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, President and CEO of Earth Friendly Products and ECOS, based in Cypress, is being recognized as one of 43 leaders at the third annual “Top World-Changing Women in Conscious Business” awards ceremony, created by Conscious Company Media and sponsored by Kate Spade New York. All ECOS products are made at the company’s four carbon-neutral plants, powered by solar energy and using Zero-Waste guidelines, and 140 of its products are certified under the Environmental Protection Agency’s most stringent “Safer Choice” standards, giving ECOS more Safer Choice-certified products than any other manufacturer in the U.S. Jane Wurwand, founder of international skincare company Dermalogica and FOUND/LA and a 2018 “World-Changing” award recipient, will share how Dermalogica, which manufactures all of its formulae in California, is on track to have 90% of its packaging be recyclable or biodegradable by end of year as well as other environmental strides. Wurwand will also share the latest accomplishments of FOUND/LA, a social investment organization that connects L.A. entrepreneurs with funding, coaching and a like-minded community.“We started Conscious Company Media to highlight the work of business owners and leaders who are working to make the world a better place but whose stories don’t typically get told,” Meghan French-Dunbar, CEO and co-founder of Conscious Company Media, said. “Our World-Changing Women’s Summit is a direct extension of this work.” For more information about the World-Changing Women’s Summit, click here.