Building A Better Long Beach Forum

Mayor Robert Garcia, in partnership with the Long Beach Business Journal, presented an update on the “record-level” of development in the city at this morning’s Building A Better Long Beach forum. Garcia highlighted around 70 projects valued at more than $3.5 billion citywide, including more than 5,000 residential units. He also announced plans to create a planning strategy for the downtown waterfront, including the potential to develop the convention center parking lot. “The unprecedented growth and resurgence seen throughout the city reflects our vision for creating a 21st century city,” Garcia said. “High-quality sustainable development attracts more investment opportunities to our city, and makes Long Beach a great place to live, visit and do business.” A video of the forum, which was held at the Beverly O’Neill Theater, will be posted here later today.


Port Of Long Beach Continues To Exceed Clean Air Goals

The Port of Long Beach announced today that it continues to outperform its goals for air emissions reductions even as cargo volumes reach record highs. The 2017 annual inventory of the port’s air emissions found that, since 2005, diesel particulates generated by port operations decreased by 88%, sulfur oxides decreased 97% and nitrogen oxides by 56%. These achievements were made as containerized cargo traffic increased by 11% in 2017.  The port exceeded goals laid out in the Clean Air Action Plan in all three emissions categories.


CalChamber Adds Electricity Bill To ‘Job-Killer’ List

The California Chamber of Commerce announced yesterday that it added Assembly Bill (AB) 893 to its “job killer” list. AB 893 would require all electricity providers, including publicly-owned utilities, to procure 5,000 megawatts of its electricity from renewable sources. CalChamber argues that the bill would “discourage energy-dependent businesses from growing in California and would add new overhead costs for all California employers.” Additionally, the chamber argues, “AB 893 also creates incentives for utilities to purchase out-of-state power to satisfy the mandate, threatening even more California jobs.” The bill was re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee on August 27.


Long Beach City College Reduces Budget Deficit

By $10.4 Million Without Layoffs Or Program Cuts

Long Beach City College reduced its 2017-2018 budget deficit from $10.7 million to $300,000 without any cuts to instructional programs or personnel. The city college was able to slash the deficit by cutting expenses and with funds gained from a 21% increase in full-time student enrollment for the summer. Along with a decreased budget deficit, Long Beach City College saw an increase in student success, with 44 students graduating with perfect GPAs compared to 14 students in the year prior.


Animal Care Services Bureau Audit

Recommends Solutions To Address Lack Of Resources

Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud today released the second phase of an audit assessing the staffing and revenue resources of the Long Beach Animal Care Services Bureau (ACS). The bureau provides a shelter and veterinary care for approximately 8,000 animals each year. The review found that inadequate staffing has affected standards of animal care and animal adoptions. To address these issues, the city auditor recommended that ACS coordinate an operating agreement with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles, develop a plan to deliver needed services to each animal and strengthen relationships with rescue groups.