How do you envision the future of Long Beach?


With more than 450,000 residents and thousands of businesses, there is no shortage of ideas and opinions on the topic. But among the hundreds of thousands of stakeholders in the city, there is a collection of individuals who have cultivated the influence, the means and the drive to bring their visions for the future of Long Beach to reality. These community leaders and stakeholders have already begun planting the seeds that have the potential to grow our city’s various industries and its landscape, and to foster a livable, connected and healthy community.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines a visionary as “a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.” Within these pages, the Business Journal highlights 12 visionaries from a variety of backgrounds with expertise and influence in their respective fields. They were chosen because of the magnitude of impact their ideas and plans stand to make on the city, and because their goals, though ambitious, are attainable. Many of these individuals are Long Beach residents, while others are investors in the community.


Mayor Robert Garcia opens the section with his vision for the future of the city as a whole, and what he is doing and intends to do to lay the groundwork for that vision to become reality. The 11 other visionaries are as follows:


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